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Start Your Child’s Development in California and Nevada

Give your children an edge in their development with one of the many scouting opportunities we offer California and Nevada area youth. Whether you’re interested in joining the Boy Scouts of America or gaining valuable skills and insight into future careers, we have programs designed to enrich your child’s understanding of the world while having fun. Let them immerse themselves in nature, volunteering, technology, and many other exciting areas of interest.

Find Out Which Program is Designed for Your Child

Take advantage of one of the many scouting opportunities BSA of California and Nevada has available to help youth learn, grow, and have fun with other participants in their peer group. These programs include activities of various types that develop your child’s knowledge and character based firmly on lifelong values. We offer all the following opportunities:

African American girl scout

Cub Scouts

Boys and girls in scouting engage in hands-on learning and activities to help them grow into their best future selves. Participants earn specific badges to advance through the Cub Scouts and achieve skills and knowledge, preparing them for their present life and what’s to come as they get older. Our goal is to help active Cub Scouts grow into the best versions of themselves throughout their childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

African American scout kid

Scouts BSA

If your child is between 11 and 17 years old, Scouts BSA is a perfect opportunity for them to socialize with other youth in their peer group while having fun and learning valuable skills and knowledge. This traditional scouting experience includes leadership development, services, and community engagement as they work their way to becoming an Eagle Scout, the highest rank in scouting.

group of kids in rapids

Sea Scouts

America’s premier on-the-water high adventure and personal development program for over 100 years. Sea Scouts enjoy sailing, cruising, boating, and more. Sea Scouts is for young men and women ages 14 through 20. The advancement program for Sea Scouts places an initial emphasis on building nautical skills before moving on to lead and teach other Sea Scouts.

teacher showing kids new stuff

Career Exploration

As young participants learn about future opportunities in the working world, they gain valuable skills and engage in learning opportunities to shape their careers. This program builds up their strong personal values and character while they develop their teamwork and collaboration skills. Some of the top career choices among today’s youth include teacher, nurse, physician, culinary arts, author or poet, and attorney.

man putting together house


This program is excellent for youth who love making new friends, exploring their passions, and discovering the world around them. Activities may include repelling off a cliff, volunteering at an animal shelter, learning archery, kayaking, and designing a robot. These activities let adolescents shine and learn about the world and themselves as they acquire life skills and gain valuable experiences.

We Have Adventure and Learning Covered

The BSA is ready to connect youth to learning and enjoyment in any of our scouting opportunities. We have you covered with adventures and activities to keep your child engaged and develop their skills and understanding with values-based character development.

Find Growth & Adventure in the Boy Scouts of America